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Triad now acquired by Control4

Triad is widely recognized as one of the best sound entertainment and speaker brands. The company manufactures high quality THX speakers that blend seamlessly into walls, ceilings, and other in-room. Other notable Triad products include Subwoofers and Soundbars. With Control4's acquisition of Triad, cusotmers are now able to experience a new meaning to sound. More than before, it can be controlled and customized to each person's tastes!   

Experience lightning fast - intelligent wi-fi with Pakedge! 

Frustrated with your current internet service? Is the quality poor, the speed slow? Get introduced to the new standard in wi-fi - Pakedge. Pakedge isn't simply wi-fi, it's intelligent wi-fi. One of the key features of Pakedge is choosing which access point connects to you based off of your location. This ensures cutting-edge wi-fi reception and quality. Moreover, these access point switches don't drop your wi-fi reception and are seamless.


Google Hits a Homerun... with Nest! 

Machine learning and automation is all the buzz in today's world. Step inside to Google's solution for all your home-comfort needs. With cutting edge technology packed into thermostats, smoke-detectors, and cameras, Google is breaking the meta and setting a new standard. Take for example a smoke-detector. Nest revolutionizes the concept by combining a CO and smoke-detector into one and allowing seamless integration with your phone. That is, Nest takes the intiative by sending an early warning to your phone about potential hazards that it senses. Expand this to thermostats that learn your preferences and apply them and you have a winner! Compushine is an expert in installing Nest products. Call us now! 

Planar Wall Art Installation - Customize your house with themes dear to you!

The innovative and revolutionary wall-art concept by Planar is now being installed by Compushine. Place photos of your loved and cherished ones on a several combined panels. We can even customize it for you so that it cycles by and automatically scrolls through the album! This is truly wall-art redefined and revolutionized.

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Sonos Playbar

Whether it's a romantic candlelit dinner or a get together with some friends, music is a must... and what better way to go than Sonos! Compushine specializes in the installation and configuration of the Sonos Playbar that brings you the latest in sound quality and technology all in a sleek figure. In addition to unbeatable sound quality, Sonos avoids all the mess that wires cause by being a wireless module by definition. You can control all the speakers and terminals throughout your house with the click of a button. Let our expert planners and Sonos architects guide and assist you on your journey to make your home a musical dream come true.


A smart phone, a smart car... and a smart home? Compushine and Control4 now provide the power and ability to have the control of your home at your fingertips. With Control4's innovative solutions, you can now fully autmoate your home. You can decide at what time lights in your house turn on or off; you can decide at what time the heat and/or air conditioning turn on or off; you can even add a fingerprint entry device at your door to make it as secure as a castle!

Life Made Easy through Control4!

With over 25 years of business and systems integration experience, Compushine, Inc. is the solution to a home designed for the lifestyles of today and prepared for the lifestyles of tomorrow. We specialize in Control4 and implementing the Control4 philosophy. Compushine is also a trusted dealer of Sonos, Samsung, and Sony. With respect to Sonos we specialize in the full range of the product and expert installation. 

We are the leader in home integration, specializing in the installation of structured wiring, whole house & outdoor music, lighting & climate control, home theater, security/fire, home automation, and more. We add to this by staying on the cutting edge of technology while meeting the ever changing needs of our customers.

We have a rare combination of engineers, systems designers, and installers that can provide creative designs, systems integration, and flawless control of your home or business.

We recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when building your dream home. Expect the best, call us today!